Unit 1 Solutions (ECE)

Click here to download Solution for the ECE Unit – 1 test



3 responses to “Unit 1 Solutions (ECE)

  1. YOu are my teacher now. I couldn’t understand your methodology of teaching. you are very keen in some class and some time you are very anxious in some other class. I need a simple thing that You should give some practical examples. It was very powerful, and so helpfull to me think creatively with my own knowledge. i hope that you will change your method of teaching which will be full of large no. of practical examples

  2. Dear student,
    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    Atleast now you come out of the shell, it is good to hear something from you about my lectures.
    Surely I’ll consider your suggestion, in the subsequent lectures.
    After all topics so far discussed are fundementals having very little relevance to the real condition. But with an imiginative thinking surely, you can relate to the real things.

    Once again thanks a lot.

  3. a rhombus of diagonals 80mm & 50 mm with longer diagonal drawn horizontal is the front view of the square plate of diagonals 80mm with one of its corners in the V.P.Draw its T.V.and find the angle of inclination of the square plate with V.P.

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