Special Questions

Velammal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai – 625 009

GE 102 – Engineering Graphics – Unit III


Self Test – 90 minutes                                                                Max.Marks: 50


  1. A Tetrahedron of edge 50mm rests on one of its faces on the HP such that one edge of the resting face is parallel to the VP. It is cut by a plane perpendicular to the VP and inclined at 300 to the HP such that the cutting point nearest to the HP on one of the extreme edge is 15mm above HP. Draw its sectional front view and true shape of the section.                                            15 Marks


  1. A Sphere of diameter 60mm is kept centrally over a frustum of a cone of bottom diameter 80mm and the top diameter 50mm and height 60mm.The frustum rests on its base on the HP. The assembly of the solids is cut by a vertical plane inclined at 500 to the VP. The minimum distance between the cutting plane and the plan of the centre of the sphere is 10mm. Draw sectional front view and the true shape of the section.        20 Marks


  1. A Hexagonal pyramid of base 30mm and axis 70mm lies on HP on one of its base point such that one of the slant faces is perpendicular to both the planes. Draw its projections when it is cut by a plane parallel to HP and a distance of 15mm from apex point.                 15 Marks





5 responses to “Special Questions

  1. Who needs Questions anyway ?

    We’ve plenty of those nightmares !!

  2. we’ll b thankful if t answers to tis questions are also provided

  3. we need answers also

  4. engg.graphics is such a subject,wich v can rule only through proper ideas & answering too much questions of various standards…

  5. S.A.Abdur Rahman

    eg requires one’s imagination than knowledge

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