Problems in Projection of Points – 2008-09




1. Draw the projection of the following points.

  • Point A which is 40 mm above HP and 55 mm in front of VP (First Quadrant)
  • Point B, which is 10 mm above HP and 15 mm behind VP.(Second Quadrant)
  • Point C, which is 25 mm below HP and 20 mm behind VP (Third Quadrant)
  • Point D, which is 20 mm below HP and 20 mm in front of VP(Fourth Quadrant)


  • Draw the projection of the following points lying on HP.
  1. Point P which is 30 mm in front of VP.
  2. Point Q which is 40 mm behind VP.


  • Draw the projection of the following points lying on VP.
  1. Point R which is 30 mm above HP.
  2. Point S which is 40 mm below HP.


4. Draw the projection of points on a common reference line. Take 20 mm distance between the projectors.

Point A is 10 mm above HP and 25 mm in front VP

             Point B is 10 mm above HP and on the VP.

Point C is 25 mm below HP and 20 mm behind VP

Point D is 20 mm below HP and 20 mm in front of VP

Point E is on the reference line

Point F is on both HP and VP.


  1. Figure shows the projections of different points. Determine the position of the points with reference to the projection planes. The distances marked are in millimeters.



  1. A point C is on HP and 15 mm behind VP. Another point D is also on HP and 40 mm in front of VP. The distance between their projectors is 45 mm. Join their top views and determine the inclination of this line with XY line.
  2. A point P is on HP and 20 mm in front of VP. Another point Q is also on HP and behind VP. The distance between their end projectors is 60 mm. Draw its projections if the line joining P and Q makes an angle of 600 with reference line. Also find the position of point Q.
  3. A point A is 25 mm above HP and is in the first quadrant. Its shortest distance from the reference line XY is 45 mm. Draw the projections of the point and determine its distance from the VP.


  1. A point B is 40 mm from HP & 25 from VP. draw its projections in all possible positions
  2. Project the following points and specify their quadrants.
    1. A Point P plan is 40mm above XY and the elevation is 20mm below the plan.
    2. A Point Q its projections coincide with each other and 30 mm below XY.
  3. A point S is 20 mm AHP and IVP, another point Q is 25 mm BVP and 40mm BHP. Draw the projections of S&Q .the distance between their projectors is 40 mm.
  4. Draw the projection of following points on the same reference line keeping the projectors 15 mm apart.
    1. In the HP & 25 mm BVP
    2. 30 mm AHP & In the VP.
    3. 45 mm AHP & 20 mm IVP
    4. In the HP &25 mm I VP

    e) 40mm BHP& 25 mm IVP

    f) In the HP& In the VP.

  5. Projections of various points are given in the figure. Determine their position of the with respect to HP and VP and mention their quadrant. Distances are given in mm.



  1. A point 40 mm above XY is the plan of three points A, B and C. the point A is 20mm above, the point B is 30 mm below and point C is on the HP. Determine the projections of A, B and C.
  2. Determine the projections of the points P,Q,R,S and T when

The plan of P is 20 mm below XY & p is 40 mm AHP

The plan of Q 30 mm above XY & q is 35mm AHP

The elevation of R is on XY & the point r is 45mm BVP.

s is in XY and the point S lies on the HP.

t is 20mm above XY and the point T is 30 mm BHP.

  1. The points A and B are in the HP. The point A is 30 mm in front of VP. The distance between their projectors is 75 mm and the line joining their plans makes an angle of 45 degree with XY. Find the distance of the point B from the VP.
  2. Draw the projection of a point P lying 30 AHP and in first quadrant, if its shortest distance from the line of intersection of planes is 50mm. also find the distance of the point from V.P



34 responses to “Problems in Projection of Points – 2008-09

  1. respected sir
    iam ur student of ECE department.sir i understand projection of points the concept of hp and vp but iam didnot understand the projection of straight linescompletely i felt it very difficult.due to this reason iam unable to complete my assignments in straight lines.please help me sir.iam a slow leaner too.

  2. If you understand the projection of points, then don’t worry lines is just an extension. Surely i’ll help you. Just come out of your mental block that you are a slow learner, after all in drawing (for that matter, in acquiring any skills) slow and steady will surely win the race. Keep practice it individually, come to me if you have any doubts.wish you all the best.

    • I
      have a doubt in projection of lines in which we are projecting the line using midpoint could you please tell about that

  3. respected sir
    i am ramkumar of ece department. i want more example excersises which book can i refer sir as our book has only less number of example sums.

  4. Dear Ramkumar,
    You can refer almost all the books on Engineering graphics esp. Gopalakrishna, N.D. Bhatt, K. Venugopal.
    More over you can refer previous posts in this blog.

  5. shahid ali sheraz

    sir my name is shahid ali sheraz iam doing mechanical engineering in drawing i donot understand these points,line and planes i am so much woorried about drawing can you help how should i take lead on drawing because i have been studying engineering for more then two months but i cannot understand the drawing plz help me from ahe start.thanx

  6. i am doing mechanical engineering.i am in 1st semester but i have a great problem in drawing how should istart this subject and how i take lead on this especially projection of point.line and plane thanx

  7. parminder singh

    hi i m prof.. in indian college. i belong to mechanical branck send me some assignments or problems of projection of straight line

  8. Hi iam lalit from yamuna nagar. i belong to mechanical branch. I face some diffculty about the topic prjection of point,straight line , inclined at plane. so please give me some assigenment with solution. thank-you

  9. pls upload projection of striaght lines full,projection of planes,solid..&all the drawings…pls

  10. I have my EG exam coming monday ut i don know how to draw intersected portion in intersection of solids please clear my doubt

  11. please provide exercise sums of ND Bhatt……projection of planes

  12. please send me for tutorial of machine drawing.

  13. plz do give answers for the above questions so that we can verify our answers withy yours

  14. sir my name is abdul aziz ahmed idon’t understand projection of a point plz help me iam pre-engineering in dire- dawa university Ethiopia

  15. i did not understand the projection of points and straight lines. so please help me . Can u send me the reference books

  16. i m getting little bit confuse about the point projection as per shown in the drawing(fig).please clear it to me.
    thaking you

  17. sir,i am going to join in my give me some diagram with answers ,so that i can feel easy when i am in my college.please sir

  18. sir,i am going to join in my give me some diagram with answers ,so that i can feel easy when i am in my college.please sir.please

  19. i cant understand projection of points can u help with first,second,3rd,4rh angle of projection

  20. Sir plzz do ans dis Q of mine !!… :-
    Q : A line AB 65mm long , has its end A in the HP and 15mm in front of VP. The end B is in the 3rd quadrant. The line is inclined at 30 degress to the HP and at 60 degrees to the VP. Draw its projections.

  21. hello sir, i’m an ece student. i dont feel tat eg is a tough subject , but i’m here to ask tat if a point lies in the reference plane , then in which quadrant it lies?

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  23. Respected Sir,
    i am student of computer science. can you help me in engineering drawing ?
    projection of points ,line,solid can be more easily understand by video,pict., diags. can you send me problums and sol. of all quadrent.

  24. sai venkat ratnam

    sir iam student of EEE pls can u tel me projections of plane

  25. i hope it is useful

  26. Respected Sir,
    please explain projection of line.[inclined to both axis,alpha,beeta,T.L……..]

  27. i hope itz 20000000 useful

  28. i like the projection of points chapter i m civll engg in dipploma

  29. Plzzz sir tell me aboutt arthographic views nd projections of lines..?

  30. I am from Nigeria my problem is on the topics in particularly projection of points and lines

  31. Please isme ek kam or kijie question ke according and dijie

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