Projections of Planes

In projections of planes inclined to both the reference planes

  1. draw the view that give you the true shape first
  2. then project the other view from it
  3. tilt the view, with respect to the angle of inclination given for surface first.
  4. get the other view by projecting from it
  5. now tilt with respect to the inclination given for other edgees or sides now.

For example if a pentaagonal plane given, when its surface is making angle with HP and its side making certain angle with VP.

  1. Draw TOP VIEW
    first (True Shape)
  2. Draw its front view by projecting from it.
  3. Tilt the FRONT VIEW (Surface inclination first)
  4. Project from this view and initial top view to get new TOP VIEW
  5. Now tilt this new TOP VIEW to the inclinations with respect to VP
  6. Project from this view and new TOP VIEW to get FINAL FRONT VIEW

Please down load the following link and see the illustration (Powerpoint file) projections-of-planes

For problem where in surface inclined to both planes down load the following word document



23 responses to “Projections of Planes

  1. will you please add some more examples related to projection of planes & please send some tips how to set the initial position of in proj. of planes

  2. For Pentagon
    If a pentagonal surface rests on one of its base side on HP, then draw that side perpendicular to VP in the top view.
    For Hexagon
    If a hexagonal surface rests on one of its corner on HP, then draw two sides parallel to VP in the top view.

  3. sir can i have any materials regarding this

  4. can we get examples to understand projection of plane

  5. Yes you can click what is this page on the top to get some interesting examples on Projection of planes

  6. tincy anju abraham

    send me the problems related to projection of planes

  7. indraneel pole

    a pentagon ABCDE of side 50mm has its side AB on hp.
    has side BC parallel to VP.
    is inclined at HP at 30degrees.
    how should i solve this??

    • This is the typical problem on planes inclined to both planes.
      first make the side AB perpendicular to VP and tilt the plane surface to 30 degrees project the corresponding top view.
      now in this top view redraw it so that BC is parallel to VP, then finally project the front view from it .
      dear Indraneel please draw it o\in the paper.
      Happy drawing

  8. engineering graphics is going to be difficult for me while understanding the concept in the same.give me more exampes

  9. This is a very good website for graphics. But please give a tips for projection of prisam.

  10. good

  11. sir,will u please give more information about projections graphically, because graphically we can make our concept related to projection. thank u

  12. send me the solution.
    a 60 degree set square of 125mm longest side is so kept that the longest side itself is in the HP making an angle of 30 degree with VP and set square itself inclined at 45 degree to HP. draw the projections.

  13. i am having a problem in finding the initial position of the plane due to which the whole sum goes wrong.for example the question strats with a square plate ABCD has one of its corner A in how will i understand whether is paralle to hp or not to find its true shape

  14. prashant sijaria

    i like the tips


  16. send me the sol

    A thin rectangular plate of sides 50 mm x 25 mm has its shorter side in the
    HP and inclined at an angle of 30° to the HP. Project its front view when its
    top view is a perfect square of 25 mm.

  17. Good website, great to see someone taking such pains to ensure easy distribution of knowledge !!!!

  18. i having so many doubts.

  19. kavitha.k.krishnan


  20. nice……thank you

  21. This website is really good .it helps me to solve Any type of problem.this website Bring me alot of confidence on engineering drawing.I suggested u to also include answers with explanation that helps the students to understand and do well in the examination.

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