Questions on Projections of Solids and Section of Solids

Velammal College of Engg & Tech, Madurai – 625 009

Open Book Test-Unit 2,3  

  1. A hexagonal prism of base side 30mm and axis length 60mm rests on the HP on one of the base corners with the base edges containing it being equally inclined to HP. The axis is inclined at 450 to the HP and parallel to VP. Draw the projections of the prism.
  2.  A right hexagonal pyramid of height 65mm and base 20mm side is lying on the ground with one of its triangular faces . Draw the front and top views.
  3. A right circular cone diameter of base 56mm and height 65mm rests on its base on HP. A section plane perpendicular to VP and inclined to HP at 450 cuts the solid meeting the axis at a distance of 36mm from the base. Draw its front view, sectional top view and true shape of the section.


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19 responses to “Questions on Projections of Solids and Section of Solids

  1. the questions are very easy and useful.Thank you.

  2. Please help solving prisms in sections

  3. In projections of solids i am confused with taking angles.If any sides of solids is making some angle with horizontal plane which way i have to measuer. in problems angle is measured clockwise some times its anticlockwise.

  4. sir,
    Why we should use H or 2H pencils while drawing instead of HB pencil?

  5. very good ,, was use ful

  6. its very useful! thanx for ur guidance

  7. kindly send me the engg sections

  8. i want to learn section of solids

  9. give answers also

  10. Deepthi vaishnavy

    thanqqq….. These qustns r helpng me a lot

  11. give me basic tips of projection

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  13. can u give more and more difficulty problems so that we can get more idea about it

  14. dear sir,i am a student under WBUT.My graphics tutor has said to me that the projected line should be thin for the university examination.but,in the post,you have said that the projected line should be which process should i follow for my examination?its a humble request to you to advise me about that as soon as email id has given in the social networking site.

  15. why this sectional partision in half section & full section ?

  16. me to solve this question…….
    @An equilateral triangular prism of side of base 25mm and axis 50mm long is resting on an edge of its base
    on HP such that the face containing that edge is inclined at 30′ to HP. Draw the projections of the prism,
    when the edge on which the prism rests, is inclined at 60′ with VP.????????????

    my doubt is…face containing that edge is base of triangular prism?????

  17. can i know some of the easy ways to the projection of solids because i am getting confused

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