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  1. Respected Sir,
    This content is very helpful, but material is short. I want more question & tricks in Engg. Graphics

  2. Respected Sir i want your help because i am facing problem in one question.The question is “A line AB,65mm long,has its end A in the H.P. and 15mm in front of the V.P.The end B is in the third quadrant.The line is inclined at 30degree to the H.P.and at 60degree to the V.P.Draw its projections”. Sir i am unable to visualise this problem so it will be honor to me to seek help from you

    • Sir please me im solving the following question atriangular pyramid with base length50mm ,axis 75 mm long and base on H.P. and an edge of base inclined at 45 degree to V.P. the apex is 40mm infront of V.P.

  3. plz show me the projections

  4. plz notimy me

  5. sir pls suggest me some books to follow engineering graphics. iam finding it very difficult

  6. I know the procedure for drawing a line inclined to both HP & VP . But why do we do so. I don’t understand the logic behind it..I don’t want to cram the procedure . please tell me the logic…thanks.

  7. sir i need more tips and problems regarding section of solids

  8. sir please give some tips to understand section of solids

  9. sir please give some tips about section of solids


  11. I want answer for my question

  12. Q-A line AB has its end A 15mm above HP & 10mm infront of VP the end B is 50 mm above the HP and the line is inclined at 30 degree to the HP . The distance between the end projector of the line is 55mm .Draw the projection of the line ,find its inclination with VP and locate its traces.

  13. moodevi question answer sollitu idu ennada

  14. a hexagonal prism of givwn side 20 mm and 70 axis has a side of its base on the ground .draw the projections when its axis is inclined to horizontal plane at 45 degree and at 30 degree to vertical plane such that top view is away from the observer?

  15. a hexagonal pyramid 20mm side ,70mm long .if the axis maks 40degree to hp and 60 degree to vp .draw the projection

  16. Sir,

    I have seen the content in your site , it is very impressive and ex given were good , but syllabus given by u is only for ece brach but I am a student of mechanical and had a lot more syllabus than given by u in this site so please consider my request give much more information about topics like helix, spirals , development, isometric projections …..etc . So if u give such information about theese things( either in the form of downloadeble content) i wil be much grateful to u.

  17. pallav raj jain

    more questions

  18. A vertical cylinder of 60 mm diameter of the base is penetrated by an object whose true section is an ellipse of major axis 60 mm and minor axis is 40 mm. The axis of this object is parallel to both HP and VP and intersects the axis of the vertical cylinder at right angles. The major axis is parallel to VP and the minor axis is oarallel to HP. Draw the curve of intersection.

  19. hi sir mujhe ed ke imp q. send kar do

  20. please solve this question.

    a line AB=60mm long having pt.A , 15 mm in front of VP & 20 mm above HP is inclined 45 degree to HP & 30 degree to VP.Draw the Orthographic projection considering pt. B also in first Quad. &find the distance between two projector

  21. dear sir,
    This content is a useful one but it will be better if you provide some more video drawings with so it can be reached to us with some practical knowledge also so pls make way for it………..

  22. Dear sir,
    If you are having any chance to send the videos to my respective e mail address means pls send it to the following e mail address- sasikuamar.k.s.s@ g………….

    your’s truthfully,

  23. sir i have a question that what are the applications of the projections of lines send me


    plz tell the name of ED book except N.D. BHATT…………..??

  25. A pentagon pyramid,base 30 mm side and axis 70 mm long, has one of its slant edges in the H.P and inclined at 30* to the V.P .Draw the projections of solid when the apex is towards the observer.

  26. plz solve this problem..

    two ends of aline CD are 60mm and 30mm infront of vp.the line is inclined at 25 degree to HP.distance betwee n the projectros is 70mm.draw projections of line &find its true inclination with VP Also loctes its VT..

  27. A straight line AB of 50 mm length is parallel to VP and inclined at 30° to HP. Its end point A is 15 mm from the HP and 25 mm from the VP. Draw its projections, assuming it to be located in third quadrant, if point A is nearest to the HP and the VP.

  28. a regular hexagonal prism base side 35mm axis length 75mm has its base on hp with a rectangle face inclined at 20 degree to V.P it is cut by an AIP inclined at 40 degree to H.P passing through midpoint of the axis . draw F.V T.V and development of lateral surface of the prism.

  29. PUJA
    sir i have a question.. a rectangular plate of negligible thikness of size 50mm by 75mm is resting on one of its shorter side in VP ans surface is making an angle of 40 with HP. draw its projection.. so i m confused where become an angle comes and which plane have its reduced shape

  30. Ms. Puja, u r correct. the ques. is wrong. the angle must be with VP and not with the hp. then u can solve it. K S Chalapati, Assoc. Prof. DBSIT, Kavali, Nellore dt. AP

  31. Ms. Puja and Prof. Chalapati, i’m sorry to tell ou that there is no mistake in question. first you need to draw the side view (i.e true inclination and true length) if it makes 40 degree with VP then it makes 90-40degree i with respect to HP draw the side view touching VP then project the shortened view in the VP and rotate the side view to the HP.

  32. its good

  33. Question of projection of line.
    Inclination in both HP and VP.


  35. gooooooooooooddddddddddddddd

  36. me to solve this question…….
    @An equilateral triangular prism of side of base 25mm and axis 50mm long is resting on an edge of its base
    on HP such that the face containing that edge is inclined at 30′ to HP. Draw the projections of the prism,
    when the edge on which the prism rests, is inclined at 60′ with VP.????????????

    my doubt is…face containing that edge is base of triangular prism?????

  37. sir,
    A particle is projected at an angle 45 degree to the level of ground ; it reaches the ground again at distance of 140 mm from the point of projection. Draw a path of particle by tangent method . What is maximum height attained by particle

  38. sir i want answer of my Q

    • Dear Niranjan Joshi, thanks for reading my blog. Answer to your problem is a simple one. Assume from A particle is thrown and reaches the ground 140 mm away from A at B. Draw a horizontal line. From A draw an isosceles triangle ACB having the base angle as 45 degrees. From C draw a perpendicular line touching the line AB. and Name it as M. Bisect the line CM. this is the maximum height attained by the particle. Now the bisected point name it as V, this is the vertex for the parabola(projectile follows a parabolic path). You can use rectangle or parallelogram method for construction of parabola. Wish you a happy learning.

      • Sir i need the answer for the question that follows.”A line AB 120 mm long is inclined at 45 degrees to the HP and 30 degrees to the VP.Its midpoint is in the VP and 20 mm above the HP.The end A is in the third quadrant. Draw the projections of the line and mark its traces.” I am a first year student. Please send me the ans today itself. . . .

  39. sir plz sagest any book of projection of point

  40. Sir i need the answer for the question that follows.”A line AB 120 mm long is inclined at 45 degrees to the HP and 30 degrees to the VP.Its midpoint is in the VP and 20 mm above the HP.The end A is in the third quadrant. Draw the projections of the line and mark its traces.” I am a first year information technology student.Please send me the ans today itself sir. . . .

  41. sir i need some more tips,pls help me

  42. sir i need some more tipsion of solids on project,pls help me

  43. Q-A goat is tied to one end of length 20 m.other end of rope is tied to a post on the boundary of a circular fence of radius 10 m. Draw the boundary of total area over which goat can graze grass outside fence?

  44. Sir, we need the answer to this exercise: A Line AB 90 mm long is inclinded at 30 degrees to HP. Its end A is 15mm above HP and 20 mm in front of VP. Its front view measures 65mm. Draw the top view of AB and detrmine its inclination with VP.

  45. plz solve this problem , quickly…
    the top view of AB line 75mm measure 50mm . The end A is 50mm infront of V.P. and 15mm above H.P. the end B is 15mm infront of the V.P. and is above the H.P. Dsaw the projection of line AB , and find its true inclinations with H.P. and V.P.


    Draw the folliwing view of a single room building of 4m*5m inside dimension with a front verandah plinth height 600m wall thicknes 300m chhajja 450m ceiling height 3300m door 1050*2100m window 1050*1500

  47. sir i need aswer for the following problems.
    1.Draw the projection of rest pyramid ofbase side 30mm & altitute 60mm when it rests on ground on one side of its base edges with the axis inclined at 30* to HP & parallel to VP.draw the projections.
    2.A equilateral triangular prism20mm side of base& 50mm long rests with one of its shorter edges on HP.Such that the rectangular face containing the edge on which the prism rests is inclined at 30* to VP.The shorter edges resting on HP is perpendicular to VP.Draw its projection.
    I am the1st year student of information technology.I need answer today itself sir please..

  48. why is a truncated cone used to denote angle projection methods??
    why not any other shape..

  49. “two points a and b are 50mm apart. draw the curve traced out by a point P moving in such a way that the difference between its distances from a&b is aiways constant and equal to 20mm.”
    plz ans

  50. a line is inclined at 30 degree to VP has its end 50 mm and 20 mm below HP.The length of its front view is 65 mm and its Vertical trace is 10 mm below HP.Draw its projection.

  51. Hello sir graphic is difficult mi i cant understand the question of projection of solid…… Thanks

  52. The question was very hard

  53. Three vertical poles AB, CD and EF are respectively 2m , 4m, 8m long and standing on a floor. There ends B, D, F are on the floor and are corners of an equilateral triangle of side 5 m determine distance between top ends of poles ie AC, AE and CE . Determine also their inclination with floor.

  54. The point p of line PQ is in VP and 20mm above HP .The top view of line PQ makes 40 degree with XY and elevation makes 35 degree with XY .The projector distance between end point of line is 8pm find true inclination made by line and locate it’s traces

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