When the axis of the solid inclined any of the projection plane,

  1. First assume the axis is perpendicular to that plane.
  2. Draw the projection in simple position
    1. Top view first if the axis is perpendicular to HP
    2. Front view first if the axis is perpendicular to VP
  3. Change position of the view to the given inclination
    1. Tilt the front view, if the axis inclined to the HP
    2. Tilt the top view, if the axis inclined to the VP
  4. Project from this view to get the final view
    1. Project from the front view, to get the top view if the axis inclined to the HP
    2. Project from the top view, to get the front view if the axis inclined to the VP
  5. Ensure all the points are named in an appropriate manner
    1. Lower case letters with a (‘)dash for the front views
    2. Lower case letters alone for the top views

Happy Drawing

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  1. sarath chandra

    This is sarath, i was very afraid of this drawing subject.but now i am average in this subject and i want to know some techniques on the above solids like cone, cube, etc.

    with respect to

    sarath chandra.

  2. thank u for all the tipd u hav provided for engg drawing….now i could imagine better than earlier

  3. i was searching for easy points to understand this chapter.i glad that icould get it here.I am looking for some solved exersizes on this chapter.

  4. your explanation is not clear

  5. its very useful to me .thanks to this

  6. Dear sir,
    I saw ur explanations about the midpoint problem in animated work that makes me very clear. Give some animated drawings in projection of solids &in section of solids.

  7. give some more graphical work in projectons &
    sections of solids


  8. V.Sundareswaran

    I appreciate your effort for teaching “Engineering Graphics” through web.
    A correction has to be made in Step 4,sub division 2. Correct sentence would be “Project from the TOP VIEW to get FRONT VIEW if the axis is inclined to V.P>”

  9. Dear Sundareshwaaran,
    Thank You, now I made the correction.
    Please feel free to give suggestions to other posts also.

  10. plz post some ppt files for better understanding.

  11. I dont understand presspective projection sir.

  12. G.venkatasubramanian

    I am having more doubts in first year engineering graphics subject.Please give me some tips from the first chapter

  13. i am happy to say that this will help all my friends.we are expecting example drawings .thank you

  14. i need some help in first year engg graphics

  15. nice tips

  16. expecting more animated problems from sections and prjections.Please give many more tips.Thankyou

  17. thank you for giving a notes on is more useful for us.

  18. hey…i want soemtips for the projections sir…..drawing is my tough subject.iam afraid of that…can u please help me?

  19. dear sir,
    i find difficult in understanding development of lateral surface i.e.old syllabus .Sir , i want to few suggestion from u to how to understand this chapter.because of this subject only i have lost my one plz send me some suggestion for this sir.

  20. Sir,

    can you give me some tips for apparent angle construction in case of projection of solids


  21. give notes on perspective view

  22. i think that engg. graphics is not a very typical subject.its totally based on the imagination tricks & properly understanding of subject.

  23. sir please send me some notes on section of solids with graphic representation.

  24. could you please explain with the help of animation drawings

  25. hiiiii……….i m a student of engg………..

  26. now i am studying civil engineering first year

    i am very afraid for EG PLEASE TELL ME THE EASIEST WAY

  27. sir i ned help for first year engneering graphics

  28. im facing difficulty with eng. graphics especially with projection of planes & proj. of solids could u help me

  29. hi this my subject so please give me a more information about this okkkkkkkkk

  30. It is helpful to the engineering students to learn the basics of Engineering drawing.Students should practice the problems and it cannot be learnt just by reading/looking at the solution. understanding the Concept of different inclinations(True and appearant) is very important apart from understanding other drawing conventions likeHP,VP,reference line,projections wrt different quadrants etc

  31. K.Shashidhara Sastry

    Dear students,
    I would like to give some suggestions .First of all make sure that you have understood the basic concepts of the subject especially the true and appearant views and inclinations.
    Consider the true inclination for the true leangth and consider appearant inclination for the appearant leangth.
    If plane is in VP, then compare the length of the element of that plane which is inclined to HP with that of its true length.If both are same then angle alpha need not to be constructed.similarly

    similarly,If plane is in HP, then compare the length of the element of that plane which is inclined to VP with that of its true length.If both are same then angle beta need not to be constructed.words “Appears to be” OR “In the top/front view refer to the appearant views which pertains to the appearant inclinations only.

    any particular question will be answered.

  32. sir i want two know more about projection of solid and section of solid.

  33. its too difficult………………….

  34. this is Ragavan. I say that this subject is one of the most easiest subjects and most of you are commenting that this subject is a difficult one!

  35. i have some confusions in projection of i was clear about where and when the top view & front view is to be placed.thank you

  36. sir please give some notes

  37. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

  38. Proff.sachin more

    sir please send me notes on total engineering graphics subject also send me slide show presentation of all topic

  39. sir please send me some notes on section of solids with graphic representation.

  40. sir please help me to know about prespectives

  41. sir please send me some notes for projection of solids and section of solids with ppt presentation…

  42. akhilaunnikrishnamn

    sir ilike graphics very much please send model questions &answers to me

  43. A tetrahedron 70mm edges is resting on one of its corners on hp with an edge passing through tha point makes 30 degree with hp.a face containing that corner inclined 60 degree to vp. Draw the projection. Plz solve dis

  44. this website is helping me alot making subject very easy thank u sir

  45. Sir, plz send me some notes on sections of solids and isometric projection.

  46. graphics is very difficult for piz give some tips about it

  47. send me some notes for the projection of straight lines

  48. may i suggest some thing????????

    the projection of solid is based on Axis but it is easy to start with true shape of the base either in HP or VP.directly related to the inclination of the Axis.
    1, Draw the true shape of the base in HP or in VP
    and project the corners for other view get view as length of axis.
    2, then tilt the figure according to the inclination (first inclination will be shown with that REF. Plane in which the true shape has been drawn) and get change in other view by joining the same locus and projectors.
    3Then show other inclination (if it is given) and again get the change in other view.
    *Front view is titled to show inclination with HP
    * Top view is titled to show inclination with VP
    i hope it may help who has the problem in projection of solid.

  49. sir ,i have confusion to under stand problem on plane.
    Que.- draw the projection of plane ABCD which resting on one of its corner on H.P. the diagonal AD is inclined to h.p at 30 degree. the diagonal BD is inclined to v.p at 60 degree and parallel to h.p.

    pls give me some useful tips to understand dis prblem.

  50. thank you sir, i got some easy points to remember,

  51. thank you sir, i got some easy points to remember

  52. sir plz send me some notes regarding “Intersection of solids”.

  53. how i can made engineering graphics easy?

  54. hie this is kiran. i hav a small doubt on the solids topic if they given a triangular prism then the question is that the prism is rests on the horizontal plane and one of its rectangular side is parallel to vertical plane. then what is the front view, top view and side view of that prism.

    plz plz plz send me the answer to my email id:

  55. engg graphics is the easiest subect wen compared practically…. what u need to do is
    * learn basics
    * read question twice and try to understand the figure …no one needs to say u tips, u alone can creat ur own tips….just understand the the logic in the subject
    *finally….dont fell this subject as a burden……. try tolike it….

  56. DEAR SIR

  57. sir i want to know that (hp,vp,rest on hp,rest on vp,lies on hp,lies on vp) all these where it will come above the line xy or below the xy
    pls tell me in the form of tips

  58. hello..i cant understand how to draw projections for points,planes and solids and also i am not able to draw neatly..can you help me

  59. dear sir
    pls pos concepts abt projection of lines………………..


    Dear sir, Tell me about projection of solids.

  61. please sent me the basic positions of the various solids when resting and inclined to hp and vp

  62. sir..i have doubt in projection of points.. i.e.. below hp & behind vp

  63. How to Draw this problem? A cone 40mm base and axis 50mm long touches vp on a point of its base circle .the axis is inclined at 30 degree to vp .draw its front view,top view and slide view.

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  65. Drawing is sooooo cooooooooooool

  66. Hello all & d maker of it..
    First i was also afraid mns thinking dat how z d engg.drawind or graphics…i too woory about it…,all our classmate said dat e.d. Z hard or killer subject…but when i started seeind module or other tips ,,i jst feel comfort about it..nw i m good in my concept

  67. dear sir,
    pls give me tips that i am perfect in engg drawing.

  68. pl send me the tips for projection of solids

  69. good effort.but try to improve it more.
    engineering graphics wants description with drawing.

  70. nirmal dugar (OPTI-ND)

    it is very clear, understable & useful tricks for engg. student…

    thanks for guidence…….

  71. Earlier, It Seemed Very Tough To Understand This Subject But After This Very Simple Explanation, Am Feeling Very Confident For My Engineering Drawing Exam This November…Thanks For The Guidance…!!! 🙂 I Will Surely Get Back To Reply After My Results…!!!

  72. its not helpful

  73. first i was making a mess of projection but now it seems to be easier

  74. please give me some tips for section of solids

  75. please send me some notes for section of solids

  76. Its not much usefull… the pupils had commented !
    V need more solved examples…=o..O


  78. engineering drawing is a that type of graphical representation which shows any parts/component’s enternar or external details with accurate dimensions

  79. i will die if eg comes in second yr

  80. it’s superb what u explained

  81. i want to know making a data of question

  82. how to read mechanical engineerig drawing i do not understand projection please help me with audio visual [video]

  83. Surinder kumar

    You have done good job but this is already clear to me

  84. sir i have a problem , draw a semicircle of radius80mm. this represent the development of cone. In scribe in it the largest posible circle asuming this circle as mark made on the development. Draw three view of the cone showing circle marked on veiws.

  85. thank u sir

  86. not fair

  87. i cant understand projections of lines so pls make me dat easy

  88. surendra sahu

    are koi shrt trick do jisse question ftaft solve ho ..

  89. thanks for giving tips
    it was very useful to revice before going to exam

  90. we need number of understand…..:D:D:D:D:D

  91. can u please give me more information about this subject?

  92. Sir i want to know how we will keep the solid or plane in the initial ( in very first step), can we keep it in any style or some standard procedure are there.
    Sir plz help me i m very upsat and confused about the initial keeping of the solid or plane and sir plz post few useful example

  93. Glad to see it….:)

  94. explained very good! I think I should solve some example. on paper…

  95. It is very useful tips and I know how to draw the projection of solid

  96. it will be very usefu and clearly understandable if u give the explanation in ppt’s

  97. sir i have a problem , draw a semicircle of radius80mm. this represent the development of cone. In scribe in it the largest posible circle asuming this circle as mark made on the development. Draw three view of the cone showing circle marked on veiws.

  98. engineering graphics is a very simple subject if u understand the basic techniques

  99. engineering graph paper only practic and imagenation covering explanied good understanding i can solv only question paper. a understanding by akshaysing

  100. Front view and top view are same which solid?give me ans.

  101. Thank u.

  102. this s brindha projection of solids and the tips given by you is very useful to me to understand

  103. very usefull tips…!

  104. Sir,along with tips show some solved sums as an example that will be more usefull in understanding concept easily because everyone is feeling tough in this subject please show some example sir

  105. vaigundamoorthy

    I feel critical


  107. Can sum1 tel me when to construct locus in projection of solids in detail?
    Need d answr urgently.
    Plzz reply nybody asap who knws d answr.

  108. Thanks for the tips given. I need some more tips about this topic to understand the question

  109. I want to know how to start the simple position and the second position
    after studying the question. Kindly explain me


  110. Engineering graphics in projection of solids chapter after reading the question how to start the simple position front and top view then second position top and front view, kindly explain

  111. the concept of engineering graphics is made easy and it is useful for anna university exams.

  112. I need some more tips about this topics. it is easy way to projection of solid planes and give a some more tips along the topics

  113. pictorial representation and videos were really useful

  114. thank u so much sir . the topics were very easy to understand and very informative.
    and the topics of section of solids, projection of solids , isometric view is a vast topic and was very tough to understand for me ,by using these notes it made me very comfortable to go through and made me confident over these concepts. and i am happy over these tips.

  115. I need some more tips about the topics, Its give a some easy way to understanding the projection of solid planes, if give a some pictures easy to understand

  116. Sir.. recently I got very less marks in drawing…. Because I got confused in the projections .. I’m not afraid of it… But I want some simple tips to understand projections easily…. Please help me in this regard…

  117. Sir… I am very bad at projections……. Please give some simple tips to understand projections easily

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